Modelmaking is a great hobby to help people escape the stresses of everyday life and have fun doing it!

The creative aspects of building something of interest and seeing the “finished” product is a feeling
like no other. It provides us with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Modelmaking provides relief from anxiety and depression. It helps us to concentrate better, enhances our
brain functions to provide greater cognitive skills including concentration, hand-eye coordination, visual
motor skills, & executive functions.

Our brains love to work!


The absorbing fun of making scale models improves mental health, too.

RETIRED TEACHER Kevin Gray first fell in love with making scale models in fifth grade. He had had his tonsils removed, and his dad, knowing how fanatical his son had become about airplanes since a local pilot had taken him flying a few months before, gave him two plastic model airplane kits. One was an Albatross D.III like one that World War I ace Manfred von Richthofen, a.k.a. the Red Baron, flew before he switched to his famous triplane; the other was a Nieuport 11, like leading French ace Georges Guynemer piloted. As soon as Gray was well enough to sit, he assembled the Albatross and then the Nieuport, and then he read and reread the specifications of the actual airplanes printed on the instructions. He also had fun gluing his fingers together over and over with modeling cement.

Over the next two years he would spend every penny on model airplanes until he had more than 70 sitting on shelves in his bedroom, each created in pretty much the same way: he painstakingly assembled it by following the instructions, then memorized the facts and statistics about each one printed on the instruction sheet, and sometimes still glued his fingers together with the crusty cement.

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