1/35 Mk.A Whippet WWI Medium Tank


British tank from WWI!


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  • 1/35 scale. Mk.A Whippet World War I Medium Tank. from Takom.
  • The Medium Mark A Whippet was a British tank of the First World War. It was intended to complement the slower British heavy tanks by using its relative mobility and speed in exploiting any break in the enemy lines. Whippets later took part in several of the British Army’s postwar actions, notably in Ireland, North Russia and Manchuria.
  • Kit features crisp surfaces with exquisite rivet detail, extremely detailed hull and fighting compartment with four main separate sections, suspension and lower hull assembly is well executed with lots of separate detail, fully detailed machine guns, separate track links and exhaust, hatches can be mounted in open or closed positions, photo etch detail (brackets and stowage hooks).
  • Decals and color painting guide for seven (7) versions: Repair number 111 of Lieu-Saint-Armand training ground, September 1918; German Whippet in Freikorps colors, Berlin 1919; Russian Whippet, Red Army services 1920; British Mk.A Achiet-le-petit, France 1918; British Mk.A Whippet, Biefvillers, France 1918; British Mk.A 6th Battalion Tank Corps Amiens, 1918 and British Mk.A Irish Civil War January 1919.


  • Scale 1/35


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