1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190 D9


Decal options for THREE aircraft!


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  • This is a Plastic 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190D-9 Airplane from Tamiya.
  • The Fw190D-9 was developed in an effort to give the fighter sufficient performance to intercept the high altitude formations of B-17’s and B-24’s flying over occupied Europe. Increased performance was achieved by installing the liquid cooled 1750HP Jumo 213 which required a much longer fuselage.
  • Tamiya’s Fw190D-9 builds up into a highly detailed 1/48th scale replica and includes high quality water activated decals for three aircraft.


  • Highly detailed 1/48th scale plastic kit for static display.
  • Approximately 50 parts in medium grey and clear with fine recessed panel lines.
  • Detailed cowl with annular radiator and optional position cowl flaps.
  • Multi-part canopy may be posed open or closed – includes two types.
  • Rotating propeller: the propeller plugs into a polythene bushing which allows adding it late in assembly so there is less chance of breakage.
    Highly detailed cockpit with accurate instrument panel, seat, control
    stick and rudder pedals, bulkheads, and sculpted pilot figure.
    Detailed pictorial instructions with separate sheet for color

OPTIONS: Two well printed decal sheets: 1) national markings
and large aircraft identification markings; 2) stencile and small
aircraft identification markings. Three aircraft:
1: Unidentified unit, Straubling, Bavaria, 1945, “15 +”.
Top: Grey-Violet RLM75 and Dk Grey RLM74 Splinter camouflage.
Bottom: RLM 76 Light blue.
2: Unidentified unit, Rhein-Mein Airfield, Germany, Spring 1945.
Variation on scheme A.
3: Unidentified unit, Belgium, Jan 1st, 1945, “12 +”.
Top: Brown-Violet RLM 81 and Dk Green RLM 82 Splinter camouflage.
Bottom: RLM 76 Lt Blue.
Additional Paints Required: Colours are all flat except where
Detail colors: RLM66 Interior Black Grey, Silver, Yellow, Red, Blue,
Khaki, Buff, Gloss Red, Semi-gloss Black, Flesh, Green, Brown, and


  • Assembly
  • Hobby Knife
  • Paint: (see MARKING OPTIONS)
  • Brushes
  • Sandpaper
  • Cement for plastics (TESR3512)
  • Nice-to-have tools: Needle File Set, Sprue Cutter, Airbrush and Accessories


  • Scale: 1/48
  • Wingspan: 8-1/2″ (21.9cm)
  • Fuselage Length: 8-1/4″ (21.3cm)


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